Winter Woods Kids

Christmas Fantasy

Booking Closed.

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Hoppity Studio is an extension of Stitch X Marker to provide pop-up themed sets for festive family photoshoot and intimate parties to celebrate your every special occasion.


Every pop-up is exclusively styled by Stitch X Marker and every theme is a limited edition. Just like the precious moments captured through our lenses.


Charlene S.

The team was very professional and were cheering the kids to ensure that all precious moments were beautifully captured. The set was amazing and on point! Our family definitely enjoyed ourselves and will highly recommend Hoppity Studios!

Roxanne L.

A must go for families! The team was very patient with the kids, making sure that they have fun and that a smile will always be on their face! The sets are elaborate and detailed and every single one transports you to a whole new different world! 

Steven T.

Hoppity Studio have captured my family beautifully! Being able to create the perfect moments and capturing them is an art. Glad that our time at the studio was fulfilling! Great sets and great work in engaging the little ones!

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